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MoscowMoscow - A relatively small site about people in Moscow and general things about Moscow. Russian girls, Russian brides, the Chernobyl disaster, Stalin, Moscow attractions and more.

Russian People. Russian models, beautiful women and Russia, culture of people in Russia, pictures of working people in Russia and information about the Russian people.

Russian People, Russia City Street

Modern Russia
Russia, language Russian, population 143,420,309. Ethnic groups include Russian 79.8%, Tatar 3.8%, Ukrainian 2%, Bashkir 1.2%, Chuvash 1.1%, other or unspecified 12.1% according to the 2002 census. Religions include mainly Russian Orthodox and Muslim.

Due to Russia's high population it makes it the 6th most populated country in the world behind China, India, U.S.A., Indonesia and Brazil. As you can see from the paragraph above Russia have one of the worlds most widest varieties of nationalities and ethnic groups, many with there own administrative territories.

Three quarters of the total population constitutes are concentrated in European Russia, while urban populations constitute over two thirds of the total. Moscow and St.Petersburg are the two most populated cities in Russia with 11 million and 5 million inhabitants.

In Russia today there are some Russian nationalists who are disturbed by the great ethnic diversity of their country. They proclaim slogans such as "Russia for the Russians!" or "Beat the Yids, Save Russia!" There is a fear in some circles that the ethnic Russian people will become outnumbered by the "aliens". Some of these people understand that ethnic Russians are not defined "by blood," and they accept the fact that one can "become" Russian People. They even encourage assimilation. Evgeny Troitsky writes, "Russians do not give birth much, one has to become one. A Russian is one who loves the Fatherland and who really wishes for its prosperity and glory."

Russian People, Old Russian Lady and Her Dog (Click to enlarge)

Russian ModelsModels - Natalia Vodianova's rags to riches life story has made her one of the most talked about Russian models in recent memory. Exotic Russian models and Eugenia a newcomer from Russia who recently overwhelmed Europe and America with her sultry beauty.

Beautiful Women and RussiaPretty Women & Russia - If you know the inner world of a Russian woman, you might have a chance to see how their lofty ideals are attained. The picture of beautiful women and Russia appears in different ways, ancient portraits of women and Russian queens.

Culture of People in RussiaRussian Culture - There are over 130 ethnic groups in Russia. From crowded cities to the slower pace of life in the countryside, the everyday lives of modern culture of people in Russia is revealed in the book: Russia - the people.

Pictures of Working People in RussiaPics of Working People - The workforce will have increase by 2.4% at the end of 2005 compared to the 2001 level and by 2.1% compared to the 2002 level or by 1.8m people. The information is given in a report by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry, pictures of working people in Russia.

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